Validation and Verification

  • We will provide services to Federal, State, and Local Governments. These services will consist of resource certification validation and verification.​​

  • We will work with certifying entities to validate credentials.

Access to Development Opportunities

Credential Registration

Program Access

  • We will also provide access to trainings and certifications for individuals and organizations to obtain industry standard certifications.

  • We will provide a central registry for individuals with professional certifications to register in order for public sector entities to acknowledge and validate credentials.

  • This program is open to the public. We will market via certifying entities, training centers, and educational institutions. As well, we will be working with public entities to establish new protocols for determining professional resource suitability and establishing the process for validation. We will create relationships with state, local, and federal entities to promote our program, and by defining (redefining) contract requirements for resource participation on projects within the public sector, as a result, contractors, as well as individual resources will contact us to register. We will be the source that validates the certification and provides the information to the public entity and the contracting company.