What we do...

Our Purpose

The purpose of the organization is to provide professional certification management services. We support and enforce industry standards by ensuring resource certifications exist and are maintained for undertakings where public funds are expended.

In addition, the purpose of our organization is to provide the format that  validates contract resource certifications for participation in any public sector endeavor that uses tax dollars and requires the use of professional resources.

Our Activities

We will work with certifying entities, such a schools, institutes, and associations to provide opportunities for professional industry recognized certifications for both individuals and organizations.


We will also work with public entities to ensure project resource candidates are properly certified prior to project execution.


In addition, we will support and enforce industry standards by ensuring that industry recognized resource certifications exist and are maintained for undertakings where public funds are expended. We will also maintain and verify industry certifications for individuals for all professions, and perform as a certification validation and certification maintenance entity, as well as repository for registrants.


Often times as public undertakings/projects occur, professional resources are not professionally certified to perform required roles, this increases the cost of projects, which further burdens the public entity, and stresses tax dollars.


This activity will be funded by private, federal, state, and localities that will need to validate professional status for all required resources. In addition, professionally certified individuals will have to register, for a fee, in order to provide services to federal, state and local public entities.  We will also be funded by donations, and partnering activities with private entities.

Program Access

This program is open to the public. We will market via certifying entities, training centers, and educational institutions. As well, we will be working with public and private entities to establish new protocols for determining professional resource suitability and establishing the process for validation. We will create relationships with state, local, and federal entities to promote our program, and by defining (redefining) contract requirements for resource participation on projects within the public sector, as a result, contractors, as well as individual resources will contact us to register. We will be the source that validates the certification and provides the information to the public entity and the contracting company.